Since 2010, Mutts Boarding has been striving to provide the best care for your dogs and to make their stay away from home as stress-free as possible.  Pack life reigns supreme here and they love it!  Hanging out with their friends and never being alone make for some very happy (and tired) hounds.  During the summer, the swimming hole, dog pools and agility course are very popular while in the winter, it's plowed trails and fire side snuggles that make them happy.  No matter the breed, size or age, there is something for every dog that comes to Mutts. Making dog friends, chasing a stick, running full speed and acting like, well, a dog, make for the best times. If your dog is less than social, private kennels are available with private walks and a separate fenced play area.  Every dog has one-on-one time everyday no matter their dog disposition.  Most however, prefer pack life and become better dogs for it.  Mutts has helped abused, neglected and socially awkward dogs become confident, secure, playful dogs that feel so much better about themselves and in a group environment.  No matter your reason for coming, your dog will thank you for it.  Your dog wants to go to Mutts. 

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