Here at Mutts Boarding & Daycare we don't just believe that your pet is family, we act like they're our own family. In-home boarding takes the stress out of "going to the kennel" with a pack approach.  Rather than isolation and a cage, your dog will be free to sniff, run, play or just find a shady spot to snooze. If your dog has aggression issues, it may be crated when in the house for the safety of the pack.  If your dog is not the social type and poses a risk to other dogs, there are private kennels available as well as a separate play area.  Safety is priority one.  For the other 95% of the guests, it's time to play.  


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Your pet is family 


Going to Kamloops for the day?  River rafting while passing through town? Want your dog to become more social with other dogs? Or maybe you just need a day off from dog duties and appreciate the quiet of the next day when they barely move.  Mutts offers doggie daycare from 7am-7pm, 7 days a week. When you come home tired from a full day, so will they


Your Dog Wants To Go To Mutts

When you can't be there for them, you want someone who will treat them like you do.  At Mutts, your dog will go on a minimum of 3 group walks a day, have play times with size and age appropriate dog friends, and explore the grounds at their leisure. At night, they sleep as a pack in the house which has dog beds everywhere or, if you don't mind, they might get a spot on the couch.